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hi, i'm alex!

Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!

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Let's get to know each other 

better! Read about my favs; then tell me about YOURS!

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I'm into high-low fashion. I love to go thrifting but also shop at Nordstrom.  Most of what I wear combines the two.  I dream of attending Fashion Week in Paris or NYC. WBU? What's your go-to style?


Fernweh is a fancy word for travel. Don't be thrown off, I just wanted all the things about me to start with the letter F—as in French! 😉 I love to travel, and once COVID-19 is over I dream of visiting beautiful places near and far. I've found that coffee tastes better when traveling.  What's it with that??  I'm not afraid to camp but do appreciate a beautiful bed with good linens and access to a snack bar.  What are my bucket list locations??? Stay tuned and I'll get there in a future post...


free time!

One of my favorite things to do in my free time is serve others. Did you know I've been to Brazil twice with Amazon Outreach? We like to call everyone at Naomi's Village our friends. Special shoutout to Kibet and Benson and all their furry friends! (Insert visiting Africa vibes here.) #goals


My mom and I love serving our own little community through National Charity League. The charity that's near and dear to our family's hearts is Meals on Wheels. It's where we started volunteering when I was young. This vulnerable population (especially since COVID-19) makes me smile and humbles me. We love you, Town Creek! You'll probably never read this, but know that I can't wait to knock on your doors again.


How about you? I'd love to hear about charities that you're a part of—especially if it involves cute puppies.



I can cook.  My mom and I try new recipes and classes all the time.  I like Chick-Fil-A too much.  I love a nice restaurant, especially with good company.  I love to try recipes from all the greats (Ina, Giada, Tyler). But my favorite thing is when my dad is in the backyard grilling and feeds a table full of friends and family.

fun on social media


Yes, I like social media a little ;)

I won the TikTok lottery by saying “Hi!"

What can I say, the algorithm liked me. 

Where do you hang out on social?



“Make new friends but keep the old.  

One is silver and the other gold.”

Friends are my lifeline.  I have friends that I met in middle school and high school, and I have some I've met through TikTok. I've met the most incredibly talented and driven people who inspire me to create and be a better person.  The people I like to keep in my boat are loyal, trustworthy and true.  They keep me honest and make me laugh til I pee.  They have comforted me when I've been down and spoken truth (even when I didn't want to hear it).  I value my friends and count them as stars in my sky. 


Love them. I have two parents and three brothers, a bunch of cousins, and a dog named Annie who's all mine.  We often play a game around the table called Rose, Bud, Thorn where we talk about our highs (roses) and lows (thorns) and hopes (buds) for the week.  Annie doesn’t usually participate in this game. She has other priorities. Click Annie's pic to say HI to her on her Insta!

final thought...

With all that said…I look forward to growing my little community of people that find the good in humanity and enjoy a good laugh.





So, now tell me some of your favorites so I can get to know you too!


Thanks for sharing!

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